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Tau Game Lodge - luxury big 5 game lodge in the malaria free madikwe game reserve.
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Latest Tau News and Info

Latest South African Game Safari Update
Last update: 04 October 2013
Tau Game Lodge announces the latest South African Game Safari News & Info:

Madikwe is known for its strong wild dog population and I was super excited when I finally got to see the new pups! They were denning in an area inaccessible to us but luckily they moved it. It’s quite a distance away but we left the lodge with our hearts and minds set on seeing them. We approached the old termite mound they’ve occupied and saw some adults laying under a nearby shrub. We saw movement in the bushes, looked beyond the mound and saw the pups sprawled about, seven or eight of them playfully jumping on top of each other. One of the pups was being tormented by his siblings but put up a good fight. One of the adult females stood up and all the pups ran over to her, making high-pitched twittering noises. Their begging was a success! The adult regurgitated meat for them which they all scrambled for. One pup got a mouthful and then had two siblings pulling on his lips, trying their best to pry it from his mouth. They wrestled for a bit longer and eventually lay down, tired out from all the excitement. The guests got some great photos and after an awesome sighting, we warmed ourselves up with some coffee, before heading back.
Doey Davis

Picture: Tau Ranger

There are few better places to be than sitting on a dam wall and watching lions in front of your vehicle while the sun is slowly setting in the background. This great afternoon light provides perfect photographic opportunity while day slowly draws to a close.
This day was no different, and there we were with 4 young lions alongside my vehicle. They were casually watching the sun set from the dam wall. 2 males and 2 females, a little less than 18 months old. As they lay there, a very cautious brown hyena came to drink from the dam. The lions immediately picked up on the lonely hyaena and began to stalk the unsuspecting prey. They began to manoeuvre themselves into a position in which to attack from.
Lions view hyaena as competition and will kill hyaena if they can, although they won’t eat them. This age old hatred has seen them classified as biggest enemies, and the fact that they are found in such close proximity (scavenging from each other), has done nothing to alter the perception. The hyaena was completely unaware that he was being made the’ target of the hunt’. A male and female lion had positioned themselves ready for the charge, and charge they did. At about 50m from the drinking hyaena they began to run, the hyaena quickly spotted the male lion coming after him and bolted off towards the bushes 300m away, the lion was hot on his tail and was within 10m of the hyaena when they reached tall vegetation. The hyaena then used his agility to weave in and out of the trees and evade the lion. The lion was now walking back to the rest of the pride. The hyaena safely away from the predators.
The prey had narrowly escaped on this evening, and also a very valuable lesson had been learned: Approach a water source very very carefully, as you never know who is lurking in the area.
Grant Botha

Spring is around the corner arriving with its coat of colours and we are all very excited about the warmer weather that is to come.
First day back from leave was great as my guests and I were spoilt with magnificent sightings.
We took a slow bumble to a nearby dam and sat there for about 20 minutes watching the majestic elephants drinking and splashing in the mud. Before we knew it there were about 200 buffalo that had suddenly graced our presence for their afternoon drink to quench their thirst after a long day.
While viewing the buffalo we heard the 4 male cheetahs being called in over the radio and decided to head off and try our luck there. We spent a good hour watching them sleep and play in the fading sunlight. It was great to see them again.
The sun was slowly starting to set so we found an open clearing to end off the lovely afternoon, with a couple gin and tonics and some snacks to compliment the drinks.
On our way back to the lodge we stumbled upon some elephants that were starting to settle in for the evening. It was a fantastic way indeed to start my work cycle.
Megan Matern

This month went very well regarding the sightings in the reserve. We were graced with the regular appearance of the cheetah coalition, and even observed a few kills they made. The lions made regular appearances at the lodge waterhole as well, and even kept our exited guests from attainment sleep at night with their mighty roars.
We can hardly say that winter skulked in this year as we haven’t felt the ice-cold cold morning’s while out on game drives. We did however have a few windy spells throughout the month of August and fortunately no surprising fires in those windy conditions. We are looking forward to the rain season as we are in a down drought period.
We are looking forward to the changes that come along with spring, like seeing some of the first migrant animals approaching from their long journeys across the continent. The first barn swallows and European bee-eaters have been sighted already.
Along with migrant birds comes along migrating insects like butterflies and locusts. The dormant insect will start getting active soon as well, including the dung beetles that are always very humorous and entertaining to observe.
Kenneth Wessel

As the days start to get longer and the nights shorten, winter becomes a memory. In the bush there are a few changes that start taking place. The most prominent change is that of the Stinking Shepherd’s Tree, Boscia foetida.
The flowers are starting to blossom and the new growth springs up with bright green leaves.
The Shepherd’s tree is unique in this area of the North West and it is a protected tree species. The reason it became a protected species is because it was chopped down and was ground into livestock feed as it is sustainable and high in fibre.
The Shepherd’s tree got its name from shepherd’s taking shelter from the hot African sun while watching their livestock. It is believed to be about 5 degrees cooler in its shade. The tree also acts as a natural insect repellent although that scent cannot be picked up by the human nose.
It shows incredibly slow growth as it only grows about 15cm a year It is however very useful especially if you are stranded in the bush. Its leaves are edible as are the roots which can be dug up and ground into porridge. The leaves and roots are used medicinally and the fruit can be mixed with milk and used as a side dish.
Murray Hay

We started our drive by first viewing our watering hole looking at different herds of elephants drinking and mud bathing. After we left the fantastic sighting of elephants we carried on with our drive and I went passed a Brown hyena den site and we couldn’t find anything. Finding the den inactive gave me the opportunity to explain and share the history of the Enselbergs and the hills around our Lodge.
Just before sunset we went to the dam. Near the dam we bumped into a female brown hyena making her way there. We followed her for a while and she went to the dam and after drinking she was constantly looking and sniffing around and we tried to figure out what she was smelling and guess what… a couple of seconds later she jumped into the water and started swimming across the dam. She had caught one of the ducks that was around the water and it was one of the most impressive sightings I had ever seen.
We completed our day driving around the Enselbergs scanning and hoping for a leopard and luckily we had some eyes shining and I switched off my engine, while still scanning and few minutes later we saw these eyes coming down towards our car and I asked my guests to sit quietly for a moment, this animal came down so slowly and just before I lost the visual I managed to identify what it was. An African civet and it crossed in front of my vehicle and it disappeared into the bush. It was one of the best drives ever highlighted by the brown hyena hunting and African civet…what a drive.
Ernest Maetla

For more pictures taken by our rangers you can go to the following links:
http://photo-africa-stock.com/view_photog.php?photogid=11 for Bradley

Picture by: Tau Ranger

"Thanks for a wonderfull weekend away... Our Game Ranger, the lad with the "red hair" .... from Hartbeeshoek ...;) Is wonderfull .... he gave a lot of new information on the bush and we loved him ..... ."
Marinda Van Zyl February 2013

"Excellent stay for us and children. Wonderfull place to unwined after they journey, plenty of experience of wild animals. Perfect food."
Daniel Habrat February 2013

" loved every second of it - such a fabulous lodge and some of the best staff I have ever encountered. What a pleasure. Thank you so much!."
Crystal Espin January 2013

"Last February I had a wonderful two days in your game lodge. Game drives
were amazing, animals and nature was so different than here in Finland. Everything was more than perfect.
You can klik the address below and see my pictures from our adventure in South-Africa.!"

Maija Koskinen Nov 2012

Greetings from Finland were we hope snow for christmas
"Dear Tau Staff,
I would like to thank you, not only for the most marvellous stay during which we enjoyed the wedding of Janine and Marcel Isler in the bush - wow an unforgettable event. Everything was perfect the game drives, with Kenneth and his wealth of knowledge, the rooms, but most especially the wonderful, wonderful staff. I was so busy watching game from my balcony or experiencing real `up close` viewings of lions with their kill or a rhino gently grazing that I had absolutely no time to read. Hence, I forgot my Kindle in my room but the super Tau staff managed to get it to me in Cape Town, despite the truckers strike, before I left. Thank you again to all of you who were so helpful and really went out of their way to compensate for my forgetfulness. This includes the staff at Head Office, especially Renate. Again, my many, many thanks for the most wonderful time I could imagine. I would, indeed, love to return again.
With very best wishes to all the Tau Team and fingers crossed for rain!"

Kathleen Pateman October 2012

" A great place for a weekend bush getaway. Very friendly and helpful staff. Wonderful service. I cherish the experience very much."
Eugene Nyarko September 2012

" My overall experience was just awsome, special thanks to our Ranger Grant and to the chef. They did an excellent job."
Ramsha Sethi August 2012

" We had a perfect holiday and would come back for a 3rd time"
Johannes Hilhorst August 2012
"to all our team in Midrand thanks for an amazing present.
The people at the Lodge were great , we saw all big five thanks to our ranger ERNEST. He is by far the best man for the job . Tumi and Poppy what an experience they gave us whow !! Your staff at the lodge are something. The way Tumi treat us arrange special lunch in the bush was something you just read about , special thanks to him and his team . But I must say I was watching him and his co-workers the way they treat the other customers was a eye- opener they are so special and the people love them . you all are the best."

Pierre Nel August 2012

"Sadly my trip was cut short but I throughly enjoyed my stay at Tau. What a treat to see a herd of 45 elephants right outside our room playing in the mud and seeing wild dogs on our first game drive. FANTASTIC ."
Natasha Strojny April 2012

"My weekend stay at Tau Lodge was the highlight of my visit to Africa and will be the memories I go back to most. Gerard was an excellent guide, the room was immaculate, the food delicious, and the animals were awe inspiring. It was an incredible experience."
Kenneth Fraser March 2012

"I am writing to say thank you to you for your hospitality and flexibility in making our visit to Tau Game Lodge the most meaningful and enjoyable family holiday ever. What started disastrously for us when British Airways cancelled flights on us, became a fascinating and fun visit once we arrived in Madikwe. From the moment the plane touched down, the hospitality was great. Head Ranger, Gerard was knowledgable, flexible and a cool example for our boys as they tried to comprehend the ecosystem and realise how close they would be in proximity to some very large animals and predators. Gerard was totally professional and made my family feel comfortable. Tumi provided constant pulse checks to make sure we were happy and enjoying Tau - he managed it all very well. Again, a real professional. The F&B team were very friendly and in particular Dean the chef and Morgan the waiter/barman/host went out of their way to make my wife and sons feel welcome, provided great service with friendly warmth, and excellent quality food and drink.
We can`t wait to come back in a couple of years."

Alan Himmer March 2012

" Ive been to quite a few private lodges throughout Southern Africa, but this was my first trip to Tau or Madikwe. The lodge is gorgeous, the staff attentive, and the rooms very comfortable. In the 3 hours I was there before the first game drive, we saw all kinds of game in the waterhole from my room`s porch, including a large bull elephant having a playful bath 25 feet from me. It was a great way to start the trip. The park is beautiful, and we saw lots of game with the help of a bright young ranger. The food was excellent except one piece of kudu that was a little tough, but the ranger heard about that and took it upon herself to provide the\tfeedback directly to the chef-- I thought that showed initiative, attentiveness, and dedication, and made me more fond of the lodge than if everything had been perfect. To top it all off, I changed my travel plans home last minute, and had to get a set of keys to Gaborone; when I asked the manager, Markus, if there might be a way to send it from the lodge, he without hesitation offered to courier it there himself, saying he as thinking about visting a friend there anyway! A one hour drive both ways with a border crossing, and he would accept nothing for his trouble. This is service unlike any I have ever experienced at any hotel I have ever stayed at. I would recommend Tau to anyone from a frequent bush traveler to a first-time safari visitor. It was truly memorable, and I will be back."
Adam Lipworth January 2012

" I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our recent stay at Tau Game Lodge.  We were only there for 2 days, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  The staff were wonderful and the venue was superb.  We had Megan as our Ranger and she was great - knowlegeable, friendly and had a great sense of humor.  We are trying to arrange another visit to your facility next year.  When we do come back, we will certainly request that Megan once again be assigned as our Ranger.  Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
Terry and Vickie Rockwell December 2011

" We had such a marvelous time at Tau. What a beautiful location. There was constant activity at the water hole. The staff were aways a step ahead of us. We loved our chalet and the outdoor shower. The food was always beautifully presented and delicious! However, it was our guide, Grant, that made our trip so memorable. He was so knowledgeable and went above and beyond expectations to provide us a great experience. We will forever have beautiful pictures and memories of Tau...
Dale Lien November 2011

" Hi there , we want to thank every person at Tau for their warm welcome , friendliness and hospitality . This was by far my best holiday ever , better than Mala – Mala ,Sabi –sabi .
Keep it like that ! I already tell my friends and family , see you soon".

Pierre Nel November 2011

" We`d say "marvelous, trip of a lifetime, the very best,couldn`t have been better" in all the languages you listed.........but only have barely passable French.........but our thanks to Nelia, Marcus, Tumi, Poppy, Grant, and so many others who made our stay so special...... and those adorable children at the school! We`ll send pictures for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Don and Sheila Lauda November 2011

" We absolutely loved our safari experience at Tau and thank all of the staff there who made it so memorable. The kindness and patience shown to our children, Harry, Chappy and Milly, truly touched us and made our stay amazing! We love Morah and enjoyed each game drive. She is so knowledgable and enthusiastic about her job. We learned so much about the animals at Madiweke through her expertise. Our accommodations were fabulous...plenty of room for a family of 5. The amenities were superior and decor and furnishings beautifully displayed. We will definately be back again! Many thanks!"
Michelle Havin November 2011

" To The Whole Team at Tau

I would like to pass on my thanks to the entire team at Tau for making our recent visit such a memorable event.
My small group have not stopped raving about their trip which started in Antwerp Belgium, finished in Gaborone, where we visited the DTC Botswana and Jwaneng Diamond mine, but the thing they have spoken most about was their time at Tau.
The peaceful setting, the meals, staff, accommodation and of course the game drives were all memorable. Some of us where fortunate enough to be involved in the “Escaped Lion Hunt” and to also witness a kill which I believe are fairly rare experiences.
Another highlight of the trip was our visit to the village and the local schools. We were all captivated by the children and their wholehearted dancing and singing performance.
So a very BIG THANK YOU to all the team.
I hope that we will bring another group to Tau in 2012"

Barry Jackson JGBS PTY November 2011

" Incredible and Perfect stay, would certainly recommend to others and hope to be back very soon!."
Ramon Partida October 2011

"Beyond our wildest expectations. Thanks it was such a memorable experience."
Christina Selian - September 2011

" I would particularly like to emphasise how good my girlfriend and I found our ranger, Dave - he is a great guide and the lodge is lucky to have him - and we were lucky to be able to share dinner with him."
Nicholas Midgley- September 2011

" The best weekend Ever. I couldn`t have asked for anything more and receieved so much more than I had ever expected. Morah, our ranger is a star, and the staff were exceptional! i will continue to recommend Tau Game Lodge to Everyone! Thank you for an exceptional time. I hope to return Soon!!."
Sarah Gowans September 2011

"It was absolute wonderful, seeing all the big 5 in one day, was a great experience. Thanks again to gerard and Marilize for such wonderful game drives. Will definitely visit again."
M van Heerden September 2011

" We are back from our weekend away in Madikwe at Tau Lodge and we had a wonderful time! The resort was amazing! We really enjoyed our stay with excellent food, friend staff and beautiful scenery. Our game drives were also superb as we ended up seeing 4 of the big 5 (not the leopard). Thank you VERY much for recommending the lodge to us."
Amanda Skinn September - UPenn Botswana

"Kath, the boys and I managed to fly back to Dubai after spending another fantastic week at Tau.
Once again, a million that to you, Stefan, Brad, my best chefs Merlin and John, Poppy and everyone who made our stay so enjoyable. We truly love it and wil be booking up next year as well.
I thought I would let you know that Kath and I and Barney, Ralph and Tristan really enjoyed our mini trip to your school. It was great fun for everyone.
I especialy liked the football penalties !! You have achieved success with the children, wearing school uniforms, the vegi patch etc. Everyone had a smile on their face. It was a very special and humbling moment during our week. You should really feel proud of what has been achieved there. many thanks for everything."

Ben Holt August 2011 Dubai

"Our sincere thanks to you all for another memorable stay at Tau. The staff were wonderful, caring and went out of their way to treat like us like Kings. Great service all round.
Gerhard was a great and attentive host and our game drives were certainly successful - the Big Five and the cherry on the top the female leopard and her little cub. Gerhard`s apprentice, Marelise, was as helpful and friendly. A special thanks to Gerhard for our sentimental journey out to the Place of the Rocks.
I could not think of a better place to introduce our grandson to the delights of the bush, and he was very thrilled with his kiddies presentation pack.
Thank you all once again - we will be back next year."

Pam & Leon Venter August 2011 SA

"Whilst my wife has been to Tau with me several times on the VS conferences, this was the first time we took our children and easily the best visit I have had there over the years
The weekend was not too busy so there was plenty of time to relax and enjoy the facilities
Marcus was as charming as ever, Ernest was easily the best ranger we have had, the game life (all the big five) were there on show for us and the meals were more sit down ala carte than buffet and allowed Merlin to show his skills
This was certainly the highlight of our visit to South Africa
Thanks again to all your team for a truly memorable experience"

Joseph Alwan- VS Australia

" We had a wonderful time at TAU lodge. Ernest was a great guide and ranger. Also thanks to the whole TAU Lodge Team!
Lennard appreciated the present very much and is currently enjoying it."

Henning Kohne - Germany April 2011

"My husband and I have just returned from 3 wonderful days at Tau where we received 5 star treatment. The staff are so helpful and friendly, the food 5 star, and the ranger who took us out on the game drives is a young girl called Yolandi who made sure that every drive was a memorable experience. We saw some amazing sights the highlight being an impala kill by wild dogs on the last evening. What a privilege to have witnessed this, all thanks to Yolandi who took off into the bush following the sounds to find them.
Many thanks again, we thoroughly enjoyed this amazing place and hope to visit again some day. "

Ros Steytler 24 March 2011

"All the staff was wonderful! Yolandi was an amazing guide! "
Carol Leligdon February 2011

" The warmth and hospitality was exceptional. Tumi was very charming, Morah the game ranger was outstanding and Merlin the chef went out of his way to ensure that our dietary requirements were met. In fact, all the staff were fantastic. email correspondence before our travel was dealt with promptly. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay."
Sabrina Ward 13 December 2010

" Our room was superb - outdoor and indoor showers, luxurious tub bath, spacious sitting area with an outdoor patio and huge glass doors opening to views of the lodge`s waterhole and all the animals it attracts. Twice an elephant bathed less than 100 feet from our room, we could watch him from our bed!
The main lodge and grounds were just as appealing with a beautiful wood bar opening to an upper deck veranda, multiple patios, dinning and sitting areas, spa and an inviting swimming pool. The service was attentive and friendly and our game ranger Dave was an endless supply of good cheer and knowledge on the reserve`s amazing birds, animals and rugged natural environment. And then there was the food... from early morning snacks to breakfast, lunch, high tea, "sundowners" & snacks and evening dinner it was excellent, plentiful and elegantly presented.
A world class safari experience that for us was worth every penny. "

Lou Harbrecht -USA 9 November 2010

"Dear Jackie, Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work leading up to the wedding and on the day itself. Markus and his team excelled themselves with the preparations.
All those visiting from Australia and elsewhere had `the time of their lives`, the whole experience, the setting of the lodge, the food, the friendly and helpful service, the support of Tumi and Poppy, and the patience and skill of the rangers, all added up to a wonderful experience for Sethunya and myself and all our friends and family.
Thanks also directly to yourself for all the detailed support and organisation that went into the day, especially your patience, with the ever changing arrangements."

Rowan Gillies - Australia 1 November 2010

"I would just like to thank you and all the staff at Tau Lodge for a wonderful few days. It was everything I expected and so much more,
The staff were friendly, accommodating and down to earth. We all felt very at home.
Could you please give special thanks to Garreth, I did not get the chance to thank him for putting up with us.
I will come back - one day.........."

Fiona Chapman Australia 2 November 2010

" Just wanted to say that we had a fantastic trip and stay at Tau.
All were very impressed with the high standard of service, balanced with a good warm and friendly attitude towards guests.
The lodge is looking great and we had so much game coming down to the waterhole it was ridiculous. Loads of Ele, even two lions drinking in front while the rest of us were out on a drive.
Bush dinner went ahead even though there was talk of lions in the area. Boma dinner was lovely, and all in all the visit was amazing.
One problem though …..our stay was two short. Next time I will push for 3 nights.
Conference venue and facilities are also amazing and I will def keep Tau in mind when we next have a group coming through to us.
Thanks for all your effort in making this last trip a success. And thanks to all at Tau for their hard work.
Special mention of all the guides who did a great job. Its not often you get a camp that size where all the guides are of a high standard and they all impressed us without exception."

Rich Prangley South Africa 17 August 2010

"My wife, son and I spent a memorable 2 nights at Tau over the past long weekend and wish to record our sincere appreciation for a fantastic stay.
The staff, especially Marcus who greeted us on arrival, Jeanette who babysat for us and our ranger Gerard all stand out in terms of excellent service and deserve to be commended. Gerard especially went out of his way to ensure that we were able to experience as much of the game as possible on the game drives and even arranged a guided walk in the reserve on our last day. A close encounter with a particularly irate elephant on a drive was professionally handled with our safety never in question.
The accommodation, setting, meals and general atmosphere at Tau are first class.
Thanks once again, we will definitely be back and I would not hesitate to recommend Tau to colleagues and friends. "

Mike Brandon- Morningside South Africa 11 August 2010

"My experience at Tau was amazing and I cannot ever forget the excellent time I’d at the Lodge and game drives.".
Vishal Anand -Ottawa Practice 05 January 2010

" I`m writing to say thank you very much indeed for a most wonderful stay at Tau. It`d be fair to say that I know a thing or two about the safari industry but even an old cynic like me was blown away by the Tau experience. The lodge itself is delightful and very well run by Malcolm and his team. There is a good, relaxed atmosphere and the facilities are excellent. We were lucky to get good weather and better game sightings but what made the trip was our guide Morah. I`m an ex-guide myself but even I sat open-mouthed at her depth of knowledge, professionalism and passion - it was an absolute delight to explore Madikwe with her. And all my 8-year old daughter has been saying since is how she wants to be a game ranger when she grows up. I was especially impressed with Morah`s attention to detail, her focus on safety and her ability to make any aspect of the bush - no matter how small or insignificant - interesting. Without wanting to lapse into hyperbole I am confidant that this young woman will grow into one of the country`s top female guides.
Well done Tau, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the lodge to our product department and thank you again for refreshing my soul and providing my daughter with a holiday of a lifetime."

Dominic Chadbon
Content Developer 12 October 2009

We recently had the pleasure of staying at Tau Game Lodge for several nights during a 3 week trip to South Africa. It was our first time in an African Lodge and needless to say it was a truly amazing experience. Even though we knew it would be great, the accommodation was far better than we had imagined and our safari stay was most definitely the highlight of our trip. The staff were incredibly friendly and we were always well looked after. We just loved having dinner under the stars and breakfast in the bush. Our room was beautiful and the outdoor shower was such a unique experience for us.
We had an amazing time at Tau and enjoyed every minute of our stay. We were incredibly privileged to see such a variety of animals, plants and birds and came out with some stunning photos. Our ranger Brad was great company and extremely knowledgable. His wealth of experience meant that we were always informed and every day we left our drives having learnt more than the previous day. It was also great to chat with Brad at breakfast and dinner, hearing the many exciting stories he had to tell. His friendly attitude and courteous manner was part of what made every day one to look forward to.
Our safari stay was one of the best experiences of our lives so far – We certainly felt like kings.
Rest assured we will be spreading the word about Tau Lodge here in New Zealand for many many years to come.
Thank you for a truly amazing experience"

Rochelle Harris & Wade Johnson 10/08/09

"Tau Lodge was truly excellent – we all had an absolutely fantastic time. The accommodation was top, the staff were all wonderful and Gerard our guide really made the stay a memorable event. I can’t say enough to praise the whole operation – everything superb and I would definitely recommend Tau to anyone I know interested in a safari in RSA. We would certainly go back to Tau again.

Crowhurst / Grigffin 02/07/09

" First of all, I`d like to thank all the Tau staff for the most kindly attention dedicated to me and my wife during our stay. It was our first time in an African Lodge and all of our expectations were completely overcome.
The experience to see animals in their own habitat, assisted by a professional like Ernest was priceless and we don`t have any doubts that his attitude and friendly smile were absolutely decisive for our wonderful experience.
Besides the animals, the chance to watch Brazil and Bafanas with friends (lodge staff) was unique and very pleasant!
Be sure that we`re already talking about the Tau to all of our friends!
And please, send our best wishes to all the staff and specially to Ernest ("the" best tracker!)"

Silvio 30/06/09

" Dear Malcolm,
Many thanks to you and your team for looking after us so incredibly well this last weekend. Brad, Denzil and Dave were all excellent and ensured that everybody thoroughly enjoyed the game drives. The catering staff were also excellent and went out of their way to ensure that everybody was well looked after. Altogether, your team could not have done a better job!"

Peter Hibbit -Imperial Bank 04/06/09

" To the management and staff at Tau,
we would like to thank you for a fantastic time we had with you
in early March,especially David our ranger (the bird man of Tau!!)
Keep up the good work and we hope to see you next year."

Haydn & Eve Jones 07/04/09

"We had an amazing time at Tau and enjoyed every minute. We were privileged to see so many wonderful animals, birds and scenery and learnt so much from our fantastic ranger, Edmund, who really made the holiday for us. He was great company, really knowledgable and we never minded getting up at 5.30 in the morning!
We also found that everyone at Tau made a real effort to make our stay very special. All the staff were so thoughtful and friendly from the waiters and chefs to the receptionists, cleaners and gardeners, and I found the atmosphere very relaxed and welcoming. Everything was well thought out and organised, such as the welcome back from each game drive. The food was great and I particularly liked the way we got to eat in different parts of the lodge for each meal. One night we were even treated to dinner in our own room with the whole balcony lit up with candles and decorated with flowers - we felt like royalty! On another night, it was my birthday and I was treated to the traditional song and dance and made a big fuss of - the staff were great!
All in all, lovely memories and a one of the best experiences of our lives."

Anne Caine 14/03/09

"It is a week since I spent a night at Tau and I have been meaning to congratulate you and your staff on a great stay. Being a tourist guide I and looking from the outside I was really taken in by your staffs sincerity in helping the tourist/guest.
Malcom was a star accommodating everyone, nothing was too much trouble for him. Thank you Mark for organising the walk – Ondrej says that was his high light just the adventure and the smells of the bush at such close hand.
Poppy you are awesome, you have your fingers on all the right button with such professionalism. You are a jack of all trades and so helpful.
Jaco I think that’s his name the Chef – You food is out of this world. So tasty and well presented and the pride you take in your creations thank you
The dining room staff as well as the porter thank you you were all so pleasant and helpful
Lastly Thank you Tau for making the tourist fell so much at home"

Milca 09/03/09

" my wife and I, and her daughter and boyfriend, spent this past weekend at Tau Game Lodge. I was hugely impressed with the way we were received and treated.
Our ranger was Edmund Fourie and he was excellent – informative and entertaining, and yet constantly respectful of the bush and its true owners. I’ve met a number of rangers and he was as good as the very best. And then on Saturday, your hospitality staff responded to our mentioning that it was my wife’s birthday by baking an extraordinary cake – at record speed – and celebrating the event with song and dance. We were really moved. Plase accept my appreciation and congratulations."

John Perlman 04/03/09

"Have now spoken to everyone from this group and the feedback was just fantastic!
They where so happy with the stay at TAU – they saw all the big 5 , had fantastic professional rangers and all over good service. The food was excellent and so was the cottages!
I can say – THANKS to everyone involved for making their trip a success! "

Anita Gustafson - Upmarket travel Sweden 15/02/09

Just a note to say a BIG thank u.
The hospitality and service that we received from all of u is greatly appreciated.
The way in which the game drives were conducted and the information that was shared with the guests was great. I am not one who needs to “ blow bubbles up peoples asses” but one ranger in particular needs a special mention. THE VANDERBIJLPARK GIT Yes u know who u are.
Guys I will contact u in the near future to forward a google article address.

Martin & Linda Dixon 08/12/08

"We are back at home and we thank you very much for the fantastic stay we had by you.
It was a very amazing travel and we thank all the staff for the welcome.
Valentin has a special mind for Gerard the ranger.

Thierry Bottarel France 08/12/08

"Dear Markus, I hope you have recovered from our stay and that the rest of the gang did not cause too much trouble.
From Johnny and my side, we would just like to thank you for a wonderful wonderful day!
Thank you soo much for making it such a special day for Stella and Derek and for all your hard work! I really appreciate it.
And thank you also to all your staff - everyone loved the food, the service was fantastic and I can only speak for Brad and John as they were the only 2 guys we went on game drives with, but they were fantastic too.
We all had an amazing stay and will definately recommend Tau Lodge to everyone. Once again, THANKS!"

Kirsten 08/12/08
Sassen Wedding

" would like to take this opportunity to really thank the lodge for the outstanding hospitality they gave us. I had been around in different game reserves and lodges Tau and Madikwe game reserve have by far exceeded our expectations we really go deep into the African bush our game drives have been fantastic food has been great the chalets you know it’s a great value for money. Last but not least would like to thank our game ranger Dave he was so nice to us we really enjoyed our drives with you
To the whole Tau team I say keep up the good work
See you soon"

Sabelo Nsibande 27/10/08

" We (myself, my wife and our three kids) spent three fantastic days at Tau Game lodge, from the 1st to the 3rd August past, and we would like to thank you not only for your kind attention but also for all the fantastic sights we saw on the game drives thanks to Brad – pls give him our best regards.
We took many fantastic photos and videos to remember later on.
Definitively if we decide to go back to Africa, we will be back to Tau Game Lodge again."

António Martins 12/10/08

"We are in Perth on our way home from a wonderful time. The wedding went off beautifully and we loved our African experience together with a plethora of animals . Glyn saw the big 5 and he and Christopher took some stunning photos of the Leopard.
We loved the lodge and everyone from Poppy and Marcus and the rangers were just terrific."

Elizabeth Jamieson 14/10/08

"Hi All.
I spent a glorious weekend at the Tau Lodge this weekend. I read that your motto is to make people feel like a King.
Well you indeed live up to that motto I have never experienced service like I did this weekend and want to compliment all staff from the warm reception to the ranger John to the chefs, the bar lady and gentlemen, the SPA, the waiters and the cleaners.
I have been to many 5 stars in Sandton and Cape Town but nothing that blew my mind the way your staff did.
It takes hard work to get a team of people work in such excellence and it also takes a type of caliber of people to deliver.
So to all at the TAU Lodge
Thanks a million and you definitely have the right to call yourselves 5 STAR"

Marco Hartogh 26/09/08

" Just got back to Australia and am writing to thank you and the staff at Tau (particularly Wynand) for making our visit such a success.
On our arrival we were greeted by over 100 elephants coming down to Tau`s waterhole for a drink and bathe. I`ve spent much time in parks in Botswana and Kenya and that was as good as it gets. I was also really pleased to see part of the big wild dog pack, plus a confrontation between a lion and an elephant (the elephant won!) plus a big herd of buffalo. The birdlife was also marvellous not least in the lodge`s gardens.
Once again, thanks for everything. We certainly hope to be back before too long.
All the best"

Mitch Reardon 19/09/08

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In a joint venture between Federal Air and Madikwe charter Scheduled daily flights are now departing from O.R. Thambo (Jhb) International Airport and return.

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Flights will depart Jhb Int. Year Round Fridays and Sundays at 10h00 (check-in 09h00) or at 13h00 (Check-in 12h00)and arrive at Madikwe airstrip only 1 hour later. The return flights depart Madikwe at either 11h30 or 14h30 to arrive in JHb at 12h30 or 15h30 respectively.) Also available on other days of the week in high season (JANUARY, APRIL, OCTOBER & DECEMBER)

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